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Dr. Cris Barkmeier

  • "Dr. Cris is the best!
    Super great at what he does, takes his time, and really makes you feel right at home. He goes above and beyond for his patients, and has helped me tremendously. Luanne is also super great and accommodating. She goes out of her way to ensure that you have everything you need. Definitely make an appt!"
    Jin L.
  • "I am a very difficult case and was actually referred to Dr. Cris by another chiro. As you can see from the other reviews, everyone has great things to say about him and his practice and for very good reason. If you want the typical rack'em and crack'em, in & out, rushed visit like you get from other chiro's then look elsewhere because Dr. Cris is not your guy! He spends the necessary time, genuinely cares about making you better, and has the unique qualifications to do it. Unlike nearly every other chiro out there (and I've tried countless over the years), he is certified in ART (Active Release Technique--look it up) which has made a huge difference for me. He digs (sometimes literally) to find the root of your pain to resolve it instead of just treating the symptoms... and did I mention he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet?

    I first treated with him about 2 years ago and he has done such a great job, I very rarely need to see him anymore. Thank you Dr. Cris!!!"
    Jeff H.
  • "I rarely post reviews unless I feel it's a must.

    I was referred to dr. Chris by my best friend. I strained a muscle in my lower back from working out and it didn't go away after a week. It was painful to the point where it just hurt sitting, standing, walking and laying down. Even driving was uncomfortable. I saw my parents chiropractor but it didn't help. So I decided to go see him and his wife started off amazing. She was very sweet and very helpful providing me with so many information and making sure i was comfortable.

    Then time to see Chris, he evaluated my pain by having me do some movements. Then he explained some things and started to fix my back. The next day, my back felt so much better to where I can get up from any position and I don't cringe or yelp in pain! Thanks Dr. Chris!"
    Melanie V.
  • "I was referred by greenleaf chiropractic after that doctor moved out of state.
    I got immediate relief from my visit. I did not feel rushed. I got a personalized experience by a doctor who clearly knows his stuff. He was a friendly and professional doctor and one of the better chiropractors I have visited. I think a 5 star review is justified. I got seen very quickly after filling out some forms. Staff were professional. I chatted with the doctor a bit, he looked at my spine, did the adjustment to my spine, and put me on a traction device. I left feeling immediately better. I can actually turn my head without it hurting! I'm very happy."
    Sarah A.
  • "I found this place on yelp, impressed by all the positive reviews. My husband suffered from a sudden and severe back pain on a Saturday afternoon. We called Dr. Cris office and learned that the Dr. is fully booked. Luanne was very helpful to try making accommodation for our urgent appt. We didn't get to see the Dr. that day as no one cancelled their appt. But we get to see the Dr. on a Sunday morning, which they usually closed on Sunday. We are very much appreciated on the arrangement.

    My husband shared that he got immediate relief after the adjustment and treatment, Most importantly, Dr. Cris h is super friendly and that makes him less nervous during the adjustment. I visited Dr. Cris two times for the back pain as well. I shared the same comments as my husband.

    I referred Dr. Cris to my coworkers. They are not living in O.C but they all said they don't mind to drive 30 miles for seeing a great chiropractor. Because they know how hard to find a good one."
    Cathy L.

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